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Mechanical Binding

Reports. Manuals. Calendars. You Name It.

Handful or truck load. Mechanical binding at Rasch Graphic Services gives any piece a high-tech image. Pages turn 360 degrees. Books lie flat. And you can choose from a variety of colors to compliment your cover or enhance a black and white job.

Plastic Coil
Plastic Coil

Put some personality in your project with Plastic Coil binding from Rasch Graphic Services. Readily available in over thirty colors. Prestigious black, white and navy. Serene pastels. Adventurous glow-in-the-dark neons. Or, if you need an exact match, custom order elements to your PMS specifications.

  • Maximum thickness: 2" or 55mm
  • Minimum page size: 4 1/4" X 4 1/4"
  • Maximum binding edge: 17"

Available Plastic Coil Colors

Save Money on Elements!
Looking to buy just the elements? Like to get standard colors at reduced unit rates? RGS now manufacturers Plastic Coil elements in-house with our own coil former/inserter! That means more flexibility and significant discount pricing on elements! Call today for pricing!

For all the details, review our Finishing Touch article:

The Spin Cycle: Plastic Coil Elements Custom Made at RGS


Double Loop Wire
Double Loop Wire

For a more sophisticated look with the same advantages of lay-flat and full-turning pages, choose Rasch Graphic Services' completely automated Double Loop Wire binding.

  • Maximum thickness: 1.25"
  • Maximum page size: 14" X 17"
  • Minimum page size: 4 1/4" X 4 1/4"
  • Calendar hangers

Available Double Loop Wire Colors

Also, view the many ways you can use Double Loop Wire to add flair and functionality to your print projects.

Double Loop Wire Binding Styles


Plastic Comb
Plastic Comb

When mechanical binding is your fancy, but you need the advantage of a printed spine or thicker binding capacity, Plastic Comb is always an option. Wide or narrow back elements. Eleven standard colors available.

  • Maximum thickness: 2"
  • Maximum binding edge: 16"

Determining Element Size:
To determine the correct size binding element needed, make a true sample with the exact number of sheets of the exact stock. Then add 1/8" to the non-compressed thickness of your book.


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